HD brows is an advanced Brow styling treatment, designed to sculpt, shape and define your brows like never before.

This treatment begins with full brow mapping, measuring and includes a colour enhancing brow tint. Extensive time is taken in a thorough consultation to ensure the brows are as balanced as possible. This brow treatment is finished with and eyebrow massage & makeup application.

This treatment is great for first time waxers or those who are wanting to grow their brows into a new shape.

We recommend seeing your brow artist regularly at 3-4 week intervals to maintain shape & colour.

High Definition Brows is one of the latest and most sought after brow techniques available in the world.

COST | $45




Henna is a long lasting Hair & skin stain. Brow Henna is custom blended and available in a variety of colours. This amazing eyebrow enhancement can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks on the Eyebrows, dependant on the individual.

We suggest Henna brows for clients who desire a more defined look like eyebrow makeup.

For those without alot of brow hair this treatment will act like a skin stain, however will reduce quickly as skin cycle is renewed.

To prolong your results we recommend not to wash the brow area with soap or cleanser for 12-24 hours afterwards.

Please note, Henna is a natural based substance, however this can still be responsible for allergic reactions. If you have known allergies, or highly sensitive skin we suggest coming into the salon for a patch test prior to booking.

Our Henna service includes brow mapping, shaping, massage and makeup application.

*Threading can be substituted for waxing however please phone us direct, or ensure appropriate booking is selected online so that a suitable therapist can perform the threading.

COST | $45




We Love Brows

SKINN + WAXX is pleased to offer our clients a range of detailed brow shaping services. Our Brow Artists are trained in the latest waxing techniques to ensure the best possible look for you. All brow treatments are performed in our modern Brow Bar, using our ultra delicate signature wax.

Concealer makeup application is included after each service.






Brow Rehab

Do you have thin, sparse or barely there brows? Let our Arch addicts guide and shape your brows with maintenance appointments. Your therapist will suggest the correct treatment for your individual needs and will ensure your brow shape is re-trained with shaping bookings every 3-4 weeks. We recommend against waxing or plucking in between bookings.



Enhance your Lashes or Brows with a colour enhancing tint. Facial tinting will last 3-6 weeks

Eyebrow tint | $22

Eyelash tint | $27

Brow & lash tint | $45

Lash lift (Including lash tint) | $80




SKINN + WAXX has been offering Threading for over 10 years now, and we are proud to be the first salon in Gippsland to introduce this ancient hair removal technique. The threading method removes hair from the follicle using a sterile thread. This technique can be done all over the face and is great for removing blonde fluffy hair from the face.

The Benefits and Advantages of Eyebrow & Facial Threading:

  • No Chemicals – Unlike other hair removal procedures, threading does not use any chemicals.
  • Accuracy – Perhaps the biggest benefit that threading has over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with stunning precision.
  • Safe.
  • Long-Lasting.
  • Great for those who cannot wax due to sensitive skin or medication.

Eyebrow | $24

Lip | $20

Chin | from $20

Brow & lip | $32

Brow tidy lip & chin | $37

Sides of face from | $25

Full face | $46




Enjoy beautifully lifted lashes that open the eye and enhance the length and shape of your lashes, safely and semi-permanently (6-8 weeks)*.

Lash Lift is an advancement on the old-fashioned lash perm. Unlike the perming rods used in the past this new treatment uses specially created silicone pads to lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, yet beautiful curve. The lash lift gives a natural enhancement to lashes with little to no maintenance.

We combine our Lash Lift with a free Lash Tint for the ultimate eye transformation.

If you have any known allergies to hair dye, perming solution, or cosmetics we suggest getting in touch with us prior to booking your appointment.

*Lash Lift results vary from subtle to dramatic depending on a variety of individual and technical factors. Shorter or damaged lashes may not give the same lift or appearance as healthy longer lashes. If you have previously had eyelash extensions on we suggest waiting 6 weeks to ensure your lashes have fully recovered and are in a good state to be permed and tinted.

$80 | 60 MINUTES




Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique performed specifically on the eyebrows.

Like earlier methods of cosmetic tattooing, it is done by manually depositing pigment into the second layer of the skin (dermis). But what makes it truly unique is the hand tool used. The unique formation of needles allows the artist to create the look of real eyebrow hairs by tattooing very fine hair-like strokes in the skin.

Microblading is a semi permanent treatment and lasts 12-24 months. Regular maintanence sessions are required to keep the eyebrows looking fresh.

Prior to your treatment being performed full numbing, brow design & measurement is undertaken to ensure you are 100% happy before your treatment commences.

All microblading services are carried out by salon owner Sinead. She is also available to offer clients a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss the treatment and check suitability.

Operating in the Beauty Industry for over 14 years, Sinead holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and several certificates in Cosmetic Tattooing.

She utilises the most advanced techniques and pigments for Cosmetic Tattooing having trained both in Australia and Internationally.

Renowned for her Eyebrow Feathering Sinead has performed over 3000 sets of eyebrows, with each set being unique to each client. Sinead has an exceptional eye for detail and understands the intricacies involved with the perfect design for contrasting face and eye shape.

*Please note two applications are required for ALL new clients.

For before & after images head to our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Micoblading $375 per application

Refresh bookings 12+ months $350